When Ryan Gordon married his British wife, Roneeka, he promised to love, honor, cherish her etc. but mainly to pander to her every need. Despite his best efforts, nothing he did or said could make up for the huge gap that was left in her life after leaving the UK – a good local pub with loads of beer and delicious food– so after a bit of research, plenty of dinner dates, a couple of bar fights and way too many beers, he, Roneeka, and long-term friend and Anglophile Kevin Bombardier, decided to create The Queen Vic!

Originally named after the infamous Victorian public house from Britain's popular soap opera "Eastenders", we aim to give all our guests a true feel for what a British Pub means to us.

First and foremost we promise to give you an authentic British welcome. This means lots of smiles, conversation and attentive service, but if you call football soccer, we reserve the right to call you names and/or eject you from the premises.

We have managed to get most of Britain's favourite ales, stouts, ciders, bitters and lagers on tap and since Queen Victoria was considered the Queen of Europe, we feel no guilt including some French, Belgian, Spanish and German brews and wines. For the hardcore boozers, we have used some of the UK's finest soft drinks and spirits to create a unique cocktail list (and of course we'll have all the Irish favourites…)

Not only do we offer a traditional British Menu with all the best comfort fare, we also use local and seasonally sourced ingredients whenever we can to create a massive chalkboard full of delicious, exciting dishes.

In true British style, we have daily specials, silly competitions and events, so make sure to check us out on facebook and twitter for all the fun stuff.

And if you're curious about anything else (the history of the building, the story behind our logo, H Street's regeneration, the meaning of life, etc.) just drop in to the Vic and ask Ryan, he's always happy to bore you with meaningless chatter.